In this blog we often write about the effectiveness of vehicle wraps for companies large and small.    The visibility of your advertising is dramatically increased when your company cars, vans, or fleet vehicles are on the road and wrapped with your business logo and the message you want the public to see.   In the course of a single day, with your vehicle wrapped and traveling on the highway, your ad can have as many as 30,000 to 70,000 views.

However, vehicle wraps aren’t just for businesses alone.   In this era of Bloggers, Facebook, and Twitter, vehicle wraps are also a tool for the individual.    For decades, and perhaps since the inception of the automobile, people have been personalizing their cars.   Whether its hot rod flames painted down the side of a sports car, or a pinstripe, or personalized tags, some car owners want to make a statement about who they are via their automobile.

Spinner rims were a big hit in early 2000 and the cost of spinner rims and tires can be in excess of $7,000.   A personalized vehicle wrap would say a lot more, and cost quite a bit less!

It’s nice to know though, in this age of what seems to be “look at me”, there are some who don’t take themselves to seriously, or simply derive pleasure from the things in life which make them laugh.

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