Vehicle wraps and fleet graphics are becoming a huge marketing and advertising tool over the past several years. Commercial companies nationwide are starting to put custom wraps and graphic on their business vehicles to brand them and make them stand out against the otherwise bland traffic.  Some designs are incredible complex and flashy while others are conservative, professional and tasteful – but both get noticed.  While the design is, in our opinion, the most important aspect of your wrap, the production and installation are the other two critical areas for the long-term success of your vehicle wrap advertising.

We have recently seen many websites that are claiming you can install your vehicle wrap yourself and save hundreds of dollars.  While there is a cost for having a professional installer apply your company’s brand graphics, if you are in business you understand the value of having a knowledgeable professional work on your products.

Would you let the guy sitting next to you in the coffee shop work on your accounting books and prepare your tax forms for your business?  I would guess not; just the same, we don’t manage our own books and prepare our tax forms because I want them done right.  I don’t want them to fail – which would mean the IRS would be breathing down my neck and we could end up in jail.

While the consequences for a poorly installed job isn’t as dangerous as tax evasion could be, it is imperative that you remember that if installed correctly, this vehicle could be out on the road for 4 years representing your company.  The question you want to ask is “how do you want it to represent you and your company?”

I know when I’m traveling with my family, and we stop at a restaurant out of town, I frequently stop in the restroom and see how clean it is.  To me, how the maintain the public restroom is indicative to how clean they maintain the rest of the restaurant – the kitchen, the refrigerator, the silverware, and most important the food.  Yes I have been known to leave the restaurant right there and then.

How you want your vehicle graphics to represent your company?

Ultimately the consistency in your business branding is what will attract and keep good customers.  But you also need to provide a consistent image.  Look at McDonalds, everything they do has this level of attention, from the store, to the cleanliness of their restrooms and the whole restaurant, to their advertising they present a consistent image to their customers.  You need to do the same.

This is why we feel the brand you do with is so critical as it will represent your company for 4-5 years.  Make sure the company understands your company and provides you with custom-designed graphics that fit in with your corporate brand and identify.  And make sure you select a professional firm that backs their service with quality and a warranty.  Download our Marketing Kit to see how to select a vehicle wrap company.

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