One might ask, “What is a QR code and why might it be a good idea for a vehicle wrap”?

QR stands for Quick Response and it’s a type of barcode which can be scanned with a smart phone and takes you to an embedded website page.  QR codes are commonly found in magazines and other print media, and eliminate the need for the reader to write down a web address.   All a reader needs to do is take a photo of the QR code and their smart phone will be directed to a webpage.   QR codes are great marketing tools for print media and are becoming popular on vehicle wraps, window graphics, banners, and all other kinds of printed advertising.

The best thing about QR codes is how versatile they are.  A QR code can be used to direct a new client to a facebook site, or a coupon page, or a gallery of photos.   If a company wants to launch a promotion with a new vehicle wrap and a QR code and then later wants to reach a different audience, or offer a new service, the QR code can be easily reprinted and replaced on the vehicle.

If your company is investing in graphics or a vehicle wrap, which is thousands of dollars cheaper than conventional advertising methods, why not have a QR code which links to a coupon, or a discount, or a Passbook offering?

A wrapped vehicle can gain up to 70,000 impressions in one day, and because this form of interruption marketing means viewers can’t help but “see” the vehicle graphics, they also can’t help but see large QR codes and they do scan them.

Vehicle wraps are all about mobile advertising and giving prospective clients pertinent information as quickly as possible.  QR codes on vehicle wraps are an excellent way to bring in new business with the click or scan of a smartphone.  Call us today to find out how we can incorporate QR codes for all your graphic and vehicle wrap advertising needs.

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