Most business managers and owners are looking for ways to minimize their expenditures and in no way more than in their advertising spend. But this is the area where being able to distinguish what you are purchasing is a necessity and getting what you pay for is always holds true; unfortunately usually in hindsight. Here are some signs you need to evaluate to ensure you get quality vehicle wraps and graphics to represent your company.

Almost every installer can apply the wrap onto the flat side of a car, however many are not proficient or experienced when dealing with the tough areas of the vehicles. Here are several difficult areas to check.

Check the wheel wells – In many wheel wells installers will simply cut and not install down into the painted surface. This is a tough area to wrap and poor wraps will show discoloration, poor cuts, cuts on the paint (or through the paint),

Check the bumpers – Bumpers on many cars have substantial curves and angles making them extremely difficult to wrap. We spend a significant time on these areas to make sure they are installed correctly and properly. Good installations will be installed without local discoloration caused by stretching the vinyl, no wrinkles, and will be set in many of the lights and grill enclosures. A good quality wrap will be seamless and cover the entire bumper in a single piece.

Check the door handles – Door handles com in all shapes and colors, many are painted the color of the car, while others are chromed and designed to compliment the chromed trim. In good quality car wraps, the handles will be wrapped and the design will continue to flow over the handle and be trimmed cleanly without impeding the functioning of the handle. This is an area many inexperienced installers ignore or overlook. I saw an example recently of a white door handle showing through on a matte black wrap!

Overlap and seams – Many cases the vinyl will have to be printed and installed in panels. Keeping these to a minimum shows the installers and printer’s expertise and attention to detail. When we wrap Scion xB’s for example, we have no seams on the car, anywhere. All panels end at a body line and the finished product is an exquisite finished product. While this is not possible for all vehicles, we strive to ensure all our wraps have this polished finish.

Design and layout – There is too much to discuss here with quality designs and layout of vehicles. See our article to read more on designing, but the design is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your design as it will represent your company for the next 3-5 years. It should flow and be professional. It should also look very close to the proof you signed to approve the design. It is common for elements to move up to 1.5” because it is a projection and narrower than your vehicle, be cognizant of the final car wrap.

Many installers and companies will spend little time on these details which result in a cheaper wrap for them and a lower quality product for you. If you are like us, we don’t want poor quality and bad products representing our company or yours. Make sure your installation is correct and done right. Call us at Capital Wraps to discuss your vehicle wrap project and quality products. Capital Wraps 202-573-WRAP (202-573-9727).