Smaller is Good Too:

Recently I wrote a post aout wraps on large vehicles, and how the bigger the vehicle, or trailer, or truck is the more visible space a business owner has to emblish his brand and tout his goods.

Obvioulsy more square footage means more visiblility, or does it?

Recently we finished our latest Mosquito Squad project, and it was a Smart Car!   Talk about a cute wrap that really gets attention!  This one definitely does.  For the sake of clarity I will post some photos of the bigger Mosquito Squad wraps, but there is no denying the last one in the line up is just plain adorabe and impossible not to notice.

See What I Mean:

Vehicle wraps come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.   No company vehicle should be without a wrap.   You already own the advertising space on your car or truck, why not use that space to promote your business?

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