Getting your vehicle wrapped is only the first part of the approach to marketing that successful companies take. The second part is to increase visibility to those people who are in need of your services or goods. Yes, driving your vehicle to where these people will be and park it so they can learn about your company.

For example if you are a handyman company, construction company, plumber or HVAC then why not park your car outside of Home Depot or Ace Home Improvement on the weekends to take advance of being in the location where the people are who WANT to FIX UP THERE HOUSE? It is almost like shooting fish in a barrel. One of our clients reported that they received on average 2-3 phone calls every Saturday that he parks his wrapped van at a home improvement center from clients who realized that the weekend project they were attempting was simply too large and wanted a professional to take over.

Red Bull is another company who understands the power of going to where their perspective client base will be with their fleet wraps. They typically not only wrap a vehicle on a Suzuki X90 but customize it with a large Red Bull can in the rear. They really get noticed see the bank of fleet wraps on the red bull Suzuki. Reportedly they seek out individuals to drive the vehicle in different metropolitan areas for free and in exchange they must take the vehicles to events monthly and pass out free samples.

They dramatically increase people’s exposure to Red Bull not only by seeing the car but the free samples that are passed out allow people to enjoy the beverage and become exposed to it. Why do you think they do this? Simply because it works. It is the same reason that realtors put out yard signs, but with a wrap you can engage your perspective clients in their environment and with ambient media campaign you will see results of more leads.

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