Silly to be excited about Fence Mesh???

Not at all!  It’s a fantastic way to advertise at schools, parks, construction sites…any place which has a fence is a wonderful place to advertise!

Fence Mesh has 10-15% permeability for the wind.  It is made to withstand 20-30 mph winds.  It can withstand more, but cannot withstand Hurricane force winds.  It is the strongest Fence Mesh material in the industry. Warranty would cover the repair or replacement of the section if any of the grommets or hems fail due to a Manufacturing defect.  Vinyl is not recommended for this type of project because of the wind and the Fence Mesh we use has Nylon webbing running through the entire product.

Grommets are every 18″-24″ for the length of the fence mesh. Fence mesh  has webbing in the hem adding to the strength, also a RF Welder is used to weld the hem so it is not just dependent on the stitching.  All Fence Mesh banners are measured at several points to ensure they are dimensionally and quality correct before they are installed.


For Many Purposes:

Here are just a few examples of our Fence Mesh Products:







The options are endless!

How can we help? 

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