You Simply Can’t miss it!

Buildings become landmarks.  Landmarks are places which rarely change with time.  Few things are more remarkable than riding past a building you pass every day only to see the entire face of the building has been changed or updated with a building wrap.

The Fire Rescue Expo 2015 is happening at the Raleigh Convention Center this weekend- and the building transformation is amazing.

Before and After!

Here’s the Convention center today-


This is how it usually looks-


There are all kinds of amazing things one can do with a building wrap to make it really STAND out!


Whether you wall in a freshly painted sheet rock for your grand opening or an outside application on brick or textured surfaces, wall murals and can be installed to look like paint. On brick and textured surfaces the vinyl material conforms to the surface and adheres extremely well. Originally engineered for the racing industry, Capital Wraps has been using these eye catching colorful prints on outside surfaces in retail and commercial alike. It is a innovative way of increasing your branding, promotions, and advertising reach on different surfaces to target and reach your perspective clients.

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