Almost every evening at home while watching a favorite TV show at least one commercial will startle me and blare out a message so loud I can hardly understand what they are trying to say.   The best commercials I’ve found are the ones which are either understated, or the ones which make me look twice.

Do you ever think of your car, or your store front windows as mini commercials?  We never want our advertising to be startling, but we do want to capture our target audiences attention, and we don’t have to be obnoxious to do so.   Sometimes the most attention grabbing ads are the ones which quietly make their presence known.

State Farm has the advantage of good corporate branding.  Its logo is recognizable nationwide.  When people see the State Farm logo most folks immediately know it’s an insurance company.   The window graphics shown here make a quiet but effective impact.

Are the windows of your place of business speaking to the people who pass by?  Is there a busy location where you could add window graphics which would draw consumer attention to the services you provide?   Have you developed a brand identity?

At Capital Wraps we can assist you with everything you need to create a corporate brand identity, add window wraps, and install vehicle graphics.  We can even create banners which allow you to advertise your business at local school and community functions.

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