Vinyl is Versatile:

One of the best things about working for Capital Wraps is being inspired and impressed by the creativity and imagination which goes into our projects.  Almost daily I see amazing artwork and imagery being created for our clients, not to mention the fascinating ways the vinyl and graphics are used.  I wanted to share a few of these with you today.

Wraps where you might not expect:

This was a graphic created for pavement at a school.

Next is a barricade wrap announcing a new store in a mall-

This is a floor graphic we did for a museum- and it looks like a real fish pond!

We didn’t wrap this fridge, but we could!

Each wrap has a different look, feel, and use, but they all want the same thing- they want to get your attention, and they do.


Capital Wraps is more than a vinyl car wrap company, although car wraps are our specialty, there is no limit to the products we can create for our clients.   The opportunities to advertise and promote your business are unlimited.  Whether you need a banner, storefront window graphics, fleet vehicle wraps, or you want to advertise on washers and dryers- we can help you.

Contact us at Capital Wraps today to find out how we can help you promote your business with creative and imaginative advertising solutions.