When is the best time for your business to begin a wrap project?

Many businesses have an ebb and flow to their work year.  A mosquito control company is going to be busier in the early spring to summer.  However a company who specializes in winter holidays will be busy from late summer into the late part of the year.

Most vehicle wraps, with a design concept which is ready except for some minor tweaks, will take about 21 days to a month to complete.  Editing the design, creating a proof, getting proof approval, printing, shipping (if necessary), and installing a wrap is not an instant process.   The actual installation of the wrap only takes about 1 business day, depending on the size of the vehicle, but as you can see there are a lot of other factors involved.

Mosquito Squad, especially in the southern US, begins working on their wrap projects as early as January.  They need their trucks up and running before the mosquito season of spring and summer get started.

The Holiday Lighting Company just finished their wrap and they will be on the road all summer with their mobile advertising getting ready for the Holiday Season!



Timing is key:

How can we help you with your vehicle wraps?  If you need a truck wrap, a van wrap, a boat wrap- any sort of vehicle wrap, we can assist!  Call us today and let us see how we can help your business get the vehicle wrap it needs RIGHT ON TIME!

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