As a volunteer delivers a nifty logo, Mark Delphine likes the look of it and incorporates it as the campaign brand for his run to U.S. Senate in Oregon. The logo was a silver star being wrapped by the star-spangled banner. The volunteer says that the start and banner form a letter D to stand for the candidate.

As it turns out this iconic logo already is the brand identity for the NHL Blue Jackets from Columbus, Ohio. Stolen Logo 2 This discovery of this shocked Delphine last Wednesday. The trademark infringement was identified by a Blue Jacket’s PR associate who passed it up to NHL leadership, according to Yahoo Sports. Once identified and informed on the infringement, Delphine, who responded with “I didn’t make the Logo.”

Pulled the logo from his campaign and claimed that the volunteer assisting his Website developer created and donated the logo to the campaign – instead of a “D” the swoop actually a representative of a “C” for Columbus. Subsequently, the logo has been removed from the campaign’s literature and website.

While this infringement of trademark and copyright logos and graphics reached national notoriety, there are many others occur everyday. While this one may have ended up with a hand slap and didn’t go to court, in some cases, fines of infringement typically start as low as $100,000 and escalate from there. This is why graphics reproduction companies take specific care about having the authority to reproduce logos, graphics, and images so they are not complicate.