I was talking to a friend the other day who wanted to know more about what I do at Capital Wraps and what kind of interesting things we had wrapped or had seen wrapped in other locations.   I have to say there’s virtually nothing we CAN’T wrap.    Obviously we do a lot of vehicle graphics, store windows, and even entire fronts of buildings, but today I thought I’d share some of the most fun and curious wraps I have seen to date.

One of my favorites is the Porta-Potty.   It’s one of those “must have” items for big out door events like flea markets and farmers markets who meet in locations without existing plumbing.   They aren’t attractive and I don’t imagine anyone really wants to use it, but the idea of wrapping one makes the whole idea of a porta-potty more interesting.

This one was at an air show-

Air Show Porta-potty wrap

The next image was a brilliant ad for a casino in Las Vegas.   They got permission to wrap the luggage carousel belt at the airport.   It took an otherwise boring and mundane task of finding one’s suitcase and made it colorful, fun, and impossible not to notice ad.

Creative casino luggage carousel

Lastly the Mr. Clean ad is one of my favorites.   Again, the company used a common everyday sight on a busy street and made an interesting and humorous ad which would be seen by hundreds of people everyday.  https://www.capitalwraps.com/Displays-graphics/

Mr. Clean Creative ads, creative graphics

I love the creativity and limitless possibilities of sticky graphics.

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