Well audience through traditional media is harder today than ever. Less and less people watch TV commercials, listen to radio commercials and newspaper reading. As you lean your marketing budgets more and more due to the recession, you might not think that there are many options for you. Non-traditional forms of media have become increasingly more successful. Today they are proved to be effective at reaching your target audience and successful at increasing exposure.

Vehicle wraps have become one of the most effective non-traditional forms of outdoor advertising because 24-7 they reach your audience of all ages, backgrounds and professions. Why not take advantage of this enormous potential to promote your business?

Vehicle wraps can be applied onto all types of vehicles including trucks, cars, Sprinters, Hummers, and cargo vans. This advertising will transform your vehicle or fleet into a moving billboard. With a vehicle wrap or fleet graphics you will increase your exposure as you drive around Washington DC and Virginia and Maryland. Your vehicle wrap will generate attentions wherever you go, whether across town or to a client meeting, or parked in your lot.

Company and franchises are served equally well by with vehicle wraps and fleet graphics. The initial one time fee is typically between $3000-5000 for a single vehicle, but throughout the 5 year life span of the vehicle this works out to be approximately $60/month. This makes vehicle wraps one of the most cost effective forms of advertising available to small companies today.

This SUV wrap for Clearwire in Arlington, VA was installed and will be used to promote their wireless service through out Virginia, DC and Maryland area. The company had a multiple vehicles installed through their service area including Richmond VA, Raleigh, NC, Myrtle Beach SC, and Baltimore MD.