As I mentioned in the last article, people are returning to the roots of their community for goods and services.  The next local company featured at Capital Wraps is Greenbutton farm and the van wrap we created for them.

This quote, about Green Button Farm, comes directly from their website

Green Button Farm is a sustainable family farm that meets the unsatiated need for quality produce and pastured raised poultry and beef in Durham, NC.  Owned by Ryan & Alicia Butler and located just 9 miles north of Durham’s downtown, Green Button is one of the most local of the local farms now supplying the restaurants and localvore economy of Durham.   The mission of Green Button Farm is to be a year-round local source for high quality produce, pasture raised poultry and beef grown at our farm using sustainable and responsible principles that result in safe, chemical and antibiotic free food and a healthy environment.”

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