Our client, Avenue Florist (www.theavenueflorist.com), contacted us early this year with a particular problem.   They were expanding their floral business and purchased The Flower Box as part of the expansion.  Their problem was the tiny signs in front of their building.  The signs were not effective and could not be made larger due to city ordnances.   After doing substantial research about vehicle wraps the owners came to Capital Wraps for a solution.

Vehicle wraps are wonderful moving billboards when they are on the highways and local roads in the community; but when they are parked in front of your store or place of business they provide excellent signage, and in this case did not violate any sign ordinances.

This particular wrap was completed in a short span of time and truly captivated the essence of Avenue Florist’s brand and company.   The van wrap is impossible not to notice when it’s sitting in front of the store, and surely it is a pleasure to see it pull into a lucky client’s driveway to make a delivery.


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