From before the advent of the automobile dynamic and inventive entrepreneurs were employing the value of mobile advertising to reach perspective people.  Take the classic and one of the best marketing pair the Ringling Brothers Circus And Barnum & Bailey.  They were classics at rolling into towns with their caravans of wagons which were decorated and really noticeable.  Then they moved to trains which were equally covered with awe inspiring graphics.  The crowds they were able to gather were incredible and a big portion of it was due these branded vehicles.

See how your company can increase our visibility and evoke people to your products and services with van graphics. For the last 30 years people were painting and putting lettering on doors to notify perspective customers who they were and what they offered.  In today’s market it isn’t enough.  There is a sea of white vans out on the road and simple one or two color name, logo, and phone number on your door are enough to turn heads.  In the competitive marketplace, you have to stand out and get noticed, letters and wraps

The original vehicle graphics were painted directly onto the trains, vans and trucks.  In the 70’s vehicle vinyl lettering became the fad and in today market, digitally printed vinyl wraps create the biggest impact.  Today, companies employing vehicle wraps and graphics, which is best for your company?  Here are the principle uses of vehicle graphics.

Van Wraps Create Brand Awareness A new company the easily way to get millions of people to see your company is to visibility is to create it.  Creating and defining your brand is important to every business from the start-up plumber to the well established networking company.  While truck lettering does get the basic point, a full wrap which incorporates pictures, graphics, and contact information creates your brand.

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