Virginia Baptist Mission Board

At Capital Wraps we create and install wraps for all kinds of companies and organizations.  We do everything from car wraps, to window graphics, to boat wraps, and building murals for sporting events.  All of our clients are unique and have a specific need or message to be conveyed with their sticky graphic advertising.

The Virginia Baptist Mission Board came to us with a normal request to wrap their vehicles, but the trucks themselves are far from ordinary.  The units we wrapped are part of their Disaster Response Ministry.  According to Dean Miller, the coordinator for the Disaster Response Ministry, this is what their organization does:

“Basically, we respond to disaster (natural and man-made) with a large variety of disciplines to assist the victims.  Some of our key response areas are Mass Care Feeding (you wrapped the feeding units), Recovery (flood and chainsaw), Water Purification, Shower, Chaplaincy and Communications.

Two of our feeding units can produce 15,000 meals per day (each) and the smaller one can produce 3,500 meals per day.  A fourth unit (which is currently not wrapped) can produce about 1,000 meals per day.  We work in partnership with the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and emergency management at all levels.  We serve any and all victims, first responders and volunteers in a disaster area.  We stay as long as we are needed.  All of our workers are volunteers and do not get paid for their service.  They take care of the equipment and keep their training up to date to ensure that we are providing the best care that we can.

These Disaster Relief trailers are a welcome sight to those in need.  The wraps give the mission team distinction, and they are easily spotted in a crowd, and best of all the trucks send a message of hope in a time of crisis and confusion.

We wish them the best in all their endeavours!

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