There is a bit of information that can help you determine if vehicle wraps and fleet graphics are right for your business.  Lets examine a situation, assume a vehicle wrap costs about $3000 (this depends on the coverage, complexity, and size of the vehicle) and that you will get 4 years our of the advertising effects of your vehicle wrap.  This situation holds for company lease vehicles (which are typically 4 years) and company purchased vehicles.

The base line is that a $3000 wrap provides constant advertising over a four year period.

Equivalent Advertising Costs:

This form of advertising runs approximately $62.50 dollars a month over the duration of the life of the wrap.  Yellow Pages will run a minimum of $500/month; Radio will run $1000+/month, and Billboards will run $1500/month.

Equivalent Advertising Reach

Reach is how effective your advertising is, it answers the questions, how many people will see your advertisement.  With Radio Stations and TV Stations, they will tell you roughly how many people are tuned in to their station, but not how many people will actually see or listen to their ad.  According to OAAA, in a major metro region, vehicle wraps provide over 700,000 impressions a month.

Equivlent Branding Awareness

As the old idiom goes, people create a awareness from their first impressions.  According to the American Trucking Association’s research two prominent conclusions were drawn from their investigations into vehicle wraps.

•     98% Percent of respondents who felt mobile advertising created a positive image for the sponsor
•     Fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising.

So over the four year period, a typical small business owner will drive their company vehicle directly in their target market and reap the benefit of concentrating the awareness.  These statistics are compelling by them selves, but are even more impressive when compared with other competing forms of advertising.  Substantially more people will remember a well designed wrap than any other form of outdoor advertising.

Capital Wraps Vehicle Wrap Quote

We challenge you to find a form of advertising or marketing for your company that will be as successful or statistics for $63/month.  Can you?

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