Let’s say you are a small business owner and your company is growing.  Word of mouth advertising has brought in extra business but you want to expand and reach a bigger audience.   Obviously you need to use some form of advertising, but you may have questions about how best to promote your brand, or even how to create a corporate image.

The ECM landscaping company had a great image idea and only needed to add a little information to create a wonderful advertising medium for their company.   Do you have an image or photo in mind for your business?  Here’s what ECM started with:

They decided to create a vehicle wrap for one of the company trucks.   Our graphics team added the vital contact information, created the truck wrap, and our professional installers finished the job.

ECM drove this truck to all their job sites.  People couldn’t help but notice the smiling happy baby on the beautiful green lawn.  On the highway and in the city a vehicle wrap like this averages up to 60,000 views each day.

Next, ECM took their advertising to another level by using the corporate branding on their truck and creating mail-out flyers to reach their target audience with coupons and other information.

ECM used the power of corporate branding with a vehicle wrap to get their company into the eye of the public, and then followed up with a flyer to get their company information into the mailboxes and hands of their target consumers.  The ECM marketing strategy was a brilliant and affordable way to reach the public, and their corporate branding reflected ECM’s clean, professional, and family friendly business model.

How can we help you reach your advertising goals?  Call Capital Wraps today to see if we can assist your business with marketing ideas and corporate branding solutions.

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