Does your car have a voice?  Does it convey a message to the hundreds, if not thousands, of consumers you pass everyday while out and about conducting business for your company?   If you had a vehicle wrap on your automobile it would!

A vehicle wrap is much like a business card bonded to your automobile.   The design, the colors, and information about your company are individualized for your specific business needs.  It’s an eye catching and provocative way to advertise your company while you’re out doing the things you would normally do.

Professional car wraps are an affordable and long lasting advertising medium available to companies of any size.  Some larger businesses take this form of advertising a step further by incorporating their companies car, make and model, and vehicle wrap into their corporate identity.

There are a few things a company should consider before having a wrap put on their car.  First, the advertising and contact information should be solid.   For instance, make sure your business phone number or web address are not about to change.  Some clients even create a dedicated line to monitor the leads driven from their vehicle wraps.  Second, you want anyone driving your wrapped vehicle to be a courteous and safe driver. Both the driver and the car wrap are a reflection of your business.

What should you expect from a vehicle wrap?    Professional car wraps should be affordable, durable in all kinds of weather, easy to read from a distance, and give your company the best image possible.   You might simply want your company name, logo, and contact information; or you might want to include a list of goods and services your company provides.   Your vehicle wrap should easily identify your company, make an impression, and give consumers enough information so they can make contact.

Permanent vehicle wraps should last 4 years and can also be removed without any damage to the car.   All our vehicle wraps are professionally designed, produced, and installed.    It’s important to have your wraps professionally installed as well as the  proper application process is the critical last step of advertising your company to thousands of people and it should be done with expertise.

Budgeting for advertising always boils down to cost/vs effectiveness/vs need.    Mobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard, and individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 and 70,000 daily vehicle impressions.

The small investment a business will make on a vehicle wrap can pay off in a big way by increasing the visibility of the company to thousands of people on the road.

Give your automobile a strong clear voice to advertise your business and services.   Call or email Capital Wraps for more information.

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