The temperature has been extremely hot this summer more so than normal, this has not only been affective outside activities but also dramatically affects the applications of vehicle wraps. I can wait for fall to roll around when the weather is cooler and comfortable outside without the humidity we have been experiencing for the past 2 months.

Like us, vinyl for vehicle wraps is sensitive and is adversely affected by the weather and can ideally be installed within an extremely limited range – usually between 60-78 degrees. Funny enough, these are the same ideal temperatures we enjoy during spring and fall but not winter and summer when it is too cold or hot respectively. Because of these wild temperatures are the exact reasons we recommend installations of vehicle wrap indoors.

During summer with high temperatures, the vinyl becomes sticky can stretch. I have seen vinyl panels stretch as much as 4 inches which can comprise the integrity of the wrap. During winter when it is cold out the vinyl becomes brittle, cracks easily, and is hard to wrap over convex surfaces. All manufacturers recommend installation between 55-78 degrees in a climate controlled and low humidity without rain. All the environmental conditions must be controlled for the best install.

For the most part, we have several locations capable of installing tractor trailers wraps (or a fleet of car wraps) indoors in our various markets – so we can control the environment to ensure a quality and professional job. While we recommend coming to one of our facility, we also offer wraps at your location we install outdoors as well.

The indoor facilities complete control over the car wrap installations. By coordinating the installation conditions and indoor locations we can maintain installation dates. This is why we ask for vehicles to be dropped off the day prior so we can store it inside to dry the vehicle so it is ready to install in the morning and can hit your schedule. We know that many of your need your vehicles for daily operations and our ability to install your vehicles in doors we are able to minimize the time the cars are off the road.