I was talking with local sign shop that recently got his hand slapped by the City of Raleigh Zoning Department for changing out the lettering on a sign face in Raleigh, NC. He was fined and had to submit a new sign permit for the minor change. This is becoming a more common experience for both companies and local sign shops as they are forced to comply with stringent Sign Ordinances.

Many of the major cities are starting to enforce little known (and previously not enforced) ordinances against signs. When Marilyn Tushman shouted at the men to stop stealing her sign and give it back. “The men didn’t deny it. Not only did they refuse to give it back, they handed her a $200 citation for violating a little-known city law against sandwich boards and freestanding signs on public sidewalks,” according to Boston.com

Many townships, cities, and municipalities have implemented a set of inspectors to review signs and banners to make sure they conform to the sign ordinances and are permitted. In Raleigh, there are about 6 sign inspectors who are responsible for different sections of the area and spend 4 days a week checking up on infractions. In many regulations only cover fixed signs (both on buildings and freestanding) as well as other permanent or temporary signage visible from the road. As seen in the example above, in downtown areas the signs regulations can more stringent and enforced.

The fines for some of these options can be as much as $500/day. This may seen excessive, but we worked with clients in the past who thought this was an acceptable price to pay for 3 months because he was attracting attention for a new opening and was seeing sufficient return to warrant this “minor advertising expense.”

But not all of us can bear that type of costs to get out name out in front of thousands of perspective clients every day. With this said, advertising and being seen by perspective clients is the life blood of many local restaurants, cafes, and retail establishments, so what are they to do? Enter from stage left – vehicle wraps.

Most municipalities sign ordinances don’t restrict advertisements and signage on moving vehicles. So car wraps, truck wraps, trailer wraps, and van wraps, are immune from the sign permits and the sign inspectors reach. We worked with a local gym, who parked our wrapped 52’ tractor trailer out in front of their new gym for the 6 months during construction and several months after (until they moved it to the construction starting for the next location). This billboard garnered them attention and announced the new opening, gathered new clients, and cost them nothing.

If you are a deliver company, when you deliver van or box truck is not in use park it in front of your store, or at a busy intersection to raise attention and increase your awareness. Vehicle wraps have been proved to be the best form of advertising for small businesses because

  • One vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 – 70,000 impressions daily.
  • 97% is the recall rate on mobile advertising.
  • Mobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard
  • When averaged out, vehicle wraps cost about $60/month.

With this said, there are starting to be a few places that are starting to monitor graphics on vehicles, Myrtle Beach, SC is one of those cities who require approval for wraps on vehicles registered within their municipality. While we have not had any issues with compliance, we also typically design above the board. Today the city has cited some cars graphics but reputable companies know and follow the guidelines.

We offer a complete service for single vehicle and fleet clients; this includes initial consultation, designing, printing & production and installation. All of our vehicle graphics are printed using warranted print materials and installed by our own professional and experienced installation team.