I remember when personalized license plates became all the rage.   Quite often people use their car as a reflection of their personality.  In various ways a person can exhibit their wealth, style, environmental concerns, and even ignorance with the kind of car they drive.  The bumper stickers and decals they decorate with, and of course, the beloved personalized license plates can also be an extension of the statement they are making for themselves.   If I ever own a Corvette in my lifetime I will have a plate that says “Coravett”.

Vehicle wraps are not just for businesses or companies.   Vehicle wraps can also be for individuals who want to express themselves in a unique way and be noticed everywhere they drive.   There was a girl I knew in high school who became fascinated with little plastic pigs and she began hot gluing them to her car.  By the end of the school year she had hundreds of little pigs all over her vehicle.   A cute piggy car wrap would have looked much nicer and been a lot easier to keep clean!

Next you have the kind of people who spend thousands of dollars on specialty rims, interesting hand painted decals, bras for the bumpers, and various other items which can be added to a vehicle to make it “pop”.

homer simpson wrap, personalized vehicle wrap

A vehicle wrap can add class and style to a car and be much less expensive than Spinner rims.   A vehicle wrap can also be whimsical and funny, it can be about something you enjoy, like a favorite animal, or singer, or even a favorite cartoon character.

homer simpson wrap

Whatever vehicle wrap you choose for your automobile there is one thing I can assure you…it will get noticed!

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