Last weekend I had an opportunity to go to NYC.   I went the first time as a tourist, and this time was more work and family related.   Having been on the Capital Wraps team for a year now I can honestly say I look at advertising and all it’s many forms with a new and critical eye.   Vehicle wraps, banners, store window graphics, removable wall stickers, floor graphics, bus stop wraps, and information stickers on mirrors in hotels have one thing in common, advertising that meets your client exactly where they are.

The wonder of NYC is multilayered, but from an advertising perspective, those people understand the power of vinyl graphics!   Window space, floor space, trucks, cars, and sides of buildings all have something in common- they are used for sticky (or banner) advertising space.

I wouldn’t say the market in NYC is saturated with sticky graphics, but they are ages ahead in using this kind of advertising medium, and why do they use vehicle wraps, banners, window graphics and the like?   Because they work!

It simply makes sense to use the space you rent or own to advertise your business.   Being able to draw people in to your workplace via your truck wrap, or cool window designs on your store front is the first step in finding new customers.

Call Capital Wraps today to get more information on how we can “Wrap up” your business and increase traffic flow.   We would love to hear from you.

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