It is extremely important to create atmosphere for your café, retail shop, or venue. Starbucks, Wal-Mart, and Victoria Secrets spend millions of creating the best atmosphere for their clients several times every year. What about your café? Or retail shop?

Imaging having a giant 12’ wave as the background for your surfing and wave board shop? Why not use a corner scene right from Paris as your atmosphere for your diners? Have a Mediterranean Restaurant; have a background scene of a peaceful desert from Lebanon? We can incorporate thematic or pictorial scenes to help craft an inviting atmosphere to encourage shoppers and help them picture your products or services in their life.

These environments will impart a positive feeling to your shop and can make these customers into frequent visitors to your establishment.

Our custom wall graphics and digital murals are an affordable alternative to hand painted murals done by an artist. Add the wall graphics to give you establishment the “WOW!” factor unlike simple paint or commercial wallpaper patterns. Our custom graphics can be full scenes or thematic rendering to give the look and feed and set the exact mood you want to provide your clients.

Contact a Capital Wraps representative today to discuss how we can bring taste, sophistication, or colorful wildlife to your spaces. Reach us in Raleigh, North Carolina at 919-665-8143 for all your environmental graphic needs.