I got a call from a client last week asking if we could take a fix his vehicle wrap. He explained it was recently completed but he didn’t want to work with the former company any further, and if we could help him complete the wrap. I was a little confused about exactly what needed to be done, so I asked him to stop by and we could look over and discuss his options.

When he arrived a day later, all I could do was close my eyes and shake my head. The wrap on his car was a disaster. Neither front nor rear bumpers were wrapped causing the white bumpers to be a stark contrast with the colorful wrap background standing out more than the design did. The material had shrunk revealing the white paint underneath, the material had bubbled up in multiple places, and there were a substantial amount of cuts throughout the vinyl.

This showed a gross incompetence by the person trying to do this install. I felt sorry to this guy for the poor product he has on his new vehicle; I felt embarrassed by the quality of work I have seen to frequently more and more common in our areas by our competitors; and I felt angry against the company who produced this quality of work and it effects on the industry.

Nothing infuriates me more than seeing this quality of work and having it set as prime example of the car wrap advertising industry. With poor quality design and installation customers will not look at vehicle wraps as an option next time when this is the quality they receive.

How did this happen? Well, as vehicle wrap popularity has increased and the price of printer declines, more and more people have jumped into the market to try their hand at it. They are supported by material sellers who are interested in selling product and not really interested in making sure skills and experience in present. So these new comers try to compete at the bottom of the food chain – they want to be the cheapest. There will always be clients who only want a cheap product, but with this comes neglect, incompetence, and neglect in the final product. Without the focus on quality work, they are doing a disservice to their clients, potential clients, and the industry. My industry.

There are many areas that can be skimped on to save a few bucks, poor quality designs, cheaper inferior materials, and lack of attention to installation procedures are the more common cost cutting measures. Poor designs mean your company’s wrap will be bright and colorful, but poorly graphic layout and will not represent your company well. Cheaper, inferior products are not warranted for vehicles and fail quicker causing poor looking wraps in as quickly as 4 weeks. And not following installation procedures results in peeling, bubbling, and failure of the wrap sooner than Performance Guarantee – 3-5 years.

Car wrapping is a specialized field requiring skills and training like anything else. We recommend only qualified, professional, and expert installers should perform vehicle wraps. Why? They will typically have thousands of vehicle instillation experience behind them, they follow certain standardized procedures, and they do it correctly. It is only with qualified professional install team will you receive the superior quality of work.

If you are new to vehicle wraps and are evaluating several companies or if you have received quotes, take a moment to consider their pricing; is one far below the others? If so they may be a new company and be inexperienced or their will cut some of the corners identified above. Be sure to check out previously installs and ask for referrals. Check out our white paper on selecting a vehicle provider. That way you wont end up like my new client detailed in the first paragraph; oh we ended up replacing his wrap and he is extremely satisfied vehicle wrap client now.