What does a company do when there’s a need to advertise their building for lease when they don’t have a building yet?   How would you handle the marketing for a structure whose future has been designed and the location picked, but the ground hasn’t been broken?   Our client had just such a problem.   Teams of realtors were going on a bus tour through DC to look at prospective properties, and all our client had was an empty lot with a fence around it.

Capital Wraps created several 5’ by 30’ banners to adorn the mesh fencing around the property and make a statement about the office and retail space to be built in the near future.   The Banner graphics had an image of the “soon to be built” building as well as website information for retail and office leasing.

Banner advertising for mesh fencing, as well as large signage banners for building sites, and upcoming events are a great way to let the public know what is going on in and around your business.

If you need a way to advertise to the public about an upcoming event and want to create a dynamic and eye catching banner, give us a call.  Contact Us

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