Raleigh NC – When the local fast food franchise restaurant, which we go to almost everyday, asks us to wrap their vehicle to help get them noticed. We jumped at the opportunity to help out an establishment that we frequent so often with a Chevy truck Wrap. They presented us with the design specification to stand out with flames and grill colors while maintaining the essence of the goodness of Wendy’s we came up with this final design after several iterations with the client.

The truck wrap here in the Triangle was a huge success. Sometimes Chevy Avalanches can present some design and installation limitations due to their sizing and odd layout; and fortunately theirs was a LTZ with the full painted body and not the plastic sides that make installation difficult.

Since wrapping this we have seen it almost everywhere around the triangle. The owner knows how to make sure people know and see the vehicle. Since the restaurant sits just off the main strip where their two major competitors are located, they have been using the vehicle to draw awareness of their location by taking it for a spin about noon as everyone is seeking out lunch.

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