Raleigh, NC – When the tornado blew through Raleigh last weekend it was a completely devastating event.  It tore the roof off of a Lowes Home Improvement store in Sanford where, but by the grace of god, nobody was killed.  However, the residents in Raleigh’s South side were not so lucky.

The tornado ended up killing 17 and causing millions of dollars in damage on a wide swath as it wrecked havoc along the belt line.

When we drove around the opened areas we saw some of the devastation including trees on houses and much havoc.  No matter how well the graphics can be installed nothing is immune to the act of god.  Clearly shown by this van, which is a total loss; and the fence meshing graphics in down town Raleigh which was just on the cusp on the devastation.

There is no measure and scant ability to understand the destructive forces of mother nature, and all graphics yield to her impressive power.  We will be working diligently with all parties to help in the aftermath and get these people back on their feet with these vehicle wraps, graphics and visibility.  Capital Wraps bows it heads to those who were affected by this storm and wishes them the best in their recovery.

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