Architectural Fusion: Transforming Workspace with Modern Art Deco

Challenge: During the pandemic, DC Architect decided to renovate their office space to create a more inspiring and functional environment for their team. They needed a partner who could help them design and execute a renovation that reflected their brand and values, while also incorporating innovative design elements.

In the dynamic realm of corporate space renovation, our collaboration with a distinguished DC architect firm during the challenging times of the pandemic stands out as a testament to innovation, creativity, and resilience. Tasked with rejuvenating their workspace, our journey unfolded as a seamless integration into the broader construction narrative, weaving graphics into the very fabric of their revamped environment.

Corporate Client Wall Mural 3

Solution: We were hired to work as part of the construction team to help bring together the entire project with wall murals. We created a central theme that ran throughout the work area, featuring an art deco meets expressionist art style cityscape in an abstract motif. The client waiting area was done in a hard pattern. We also added distraction frost banding to the windows with the number of the room cut into the frost, providing privacy and allowing for a peek-a-boo window to see if the room was occupied. Additionally, we used Dinoc on some of the cupboards and added dimensional lettering for the logo at the front desk.

The overarching theme guiding this transformation was a fusion of art deco and expressionist art styles—a captivating marriage of tradition and avant-garde aesthetics. The work areas were adorned with a mesmerizing cityscape, an abstract interpretation that infused energy into the daily work grind. This distinctive motif not only served as a visual feast but also became a symbolic representation of the firm’s identity and outlook.

Corporate Wall Mural 1

One of the focal points of our intervention was the client waiting area—a space designed to leave a lasting impression. Here, a meticulous hard pattern took form, adding sophistication and a touch of contemporary elegance. The deliberate choice of patterns not only complemented the overall aesthetic but also contributed to the creation of an inviting atmosphere, ensuring a positive first impression for clients and visitors.

Privacy and functionality harmonized seamlessly in our approach to window graphics. Distraction frost banding adorned the windows, providing an elegant solution to the dual challenge of privacy and transparency. Ingeniously, the room numbers were delicately cut into the frost—a subtle yet effective means to indicate room occupancy. This peek-a-boo window concept not only enhanced functionality but also added a playful element to the design.

Corporate Conference room Frost 2

In the realm of interior details, we applied Dinoc—a versatile architectural finish film—on select cupboards. This not only introduced a textural contrast but also provided a layer of protection, ensuring durability in high-traffic areas. Dimensional lettering, featuring the firm’s logo, took center stage at the front desk. Beyond being a visual focal point, it served as a brand ambassador—subtly reinforcing the firm’s identity to every visitor.

Corporate Wall Mural 2

Our collaborative effort extended beyond aesthetics; it was a strategic alignment with the architect’s vision, ensuring that every graphic element played a vital role in enhancing the functionality and visual appeal of the revamped space. The project was a testament to the transformative power of graphics in corporate environments—where every detail, from the sweeping cityscape to the meticulously cut frost banding, contributed to a cohesive and immersive experience.

Navigating the complexities of renovating a workspace during a pandemic required agility and adaptability. As an integral part of the construction team, we synchronized our efforts to not only meet but exceed expectations. The result was a revitalized corporate environment that seamlessly blended tradition with modernity, functionality with artistry.

Corporate Work Area Wall Mural 4

Results: The renovated office space is now a more inspiring, functional, and collaborative environment for the DC Architect team. The murals add a touch of personality and creativity, while the frosted windows provide privacy without sacrificing natural light. The Dinoc and dimensional lettering add a professional and polished touch.

In conclusion, this case study exemplifies the potential of graphics in corporate space renovation. Beyond being ornamental, each graphic element played a strategic role—elevating the visual aesthetics, ensuring practical functionality, and contributing to the firm’s unique identity. This project stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit, resilience, and creative prowess that define successful transformations in the architecture and construction field.

Corporate Work Area Wall Mural 6

Project Highlights:

  • Art Deco Meets Expressionist Art Style: The central theme of the murals is an art deco meets expressionist art style cityscape in an abstract motif. This unique style adds personality and creativity to the space.
  • Distraction Frost Banding: The frosted windows provide privacy without sacrificing natural light. The room numbers cut into the frost add a functional touch.
  • Dinoc and Dimensional Lettering: The Dinoc on the cupboards and the dimensional lettering for the logo at the front desk add a professional and polished touch.

Client Feedback:

“We are thrilled with the results of our office renovation project. The new space is exactly what we envisioned. It is more inspiring, functional, and collaborative. Our team is much happier and more productive in the new space.” – DC Architect

Corporate Conference room Frost 1

Work Area Wall Mural 1

Corporate Work Area Wall Mural 5

Corporate Work Area Wall Mural 4

Corporate Wall Mural 2
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