Transforming Construction Site Boundaries: The Intelock Graphics

In the ever-evolving world of architecture and construction, one often overlooked opportunity for impact and branding lies right at the boundary of a construction site – the construction fence. This unassuming boundary can become an extension of the project, serving as a canvas for showcasing the upcoming building’s potential and advertising to attract tenants.

The Intelock: A Vision in Downtown Atlanta, GA

In downtown Atlanta, Georgia, a remarkable transformation was underway. A vision was taking shape at the heart of the city, destined to become a cornerstone of the urban landscape. This vision was The Intelock, not only the name of the upcoming building but also an embodiment of innovation and architectural excellence. To breathe life into this vision, we harnessed the potential of construction fence graphics.

The Power of Construction Fence Graphics

A construction site can often appear as a maze of metal and machinery, devoid of context and vision. However, the idea of construction fence graphics goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s a powerful tool for transforming the perception of a project and elevating its visibility. In the case of The Intelock, we had the privilege of making a bold statement through construction fence graphics.

Fence Mesh Graphics

The 40' Mural: A Cornerstone of the Transformation

At the cornerstone of The Intelock project was a stunning 40-foot mural. This mural was not just a work of art; it was a testament to the project’s grandeur and its potential impact on the city of Atlanta. Printed on 5’x 10′ ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) panels, the mural was designed to be impactful, vivid, and evocative.

The ACM panels were installed side by side to create the impressive 40-foot mural. This method not only ensured visual continuity but also provided the necessary durability to withstand the rigors of an active construction site. This mural became the focal point, capturing the essence of the forthcoming building with architectural renderings, branding, and essential contact information.

Cwi Outdoor The Interlock 2

800 Linear Feet of Fence Mesh: Extending the Vision

While the 40-foot mural served as a showstopper at the corner of the site, we didn’t stop there. To extend the vision and impact, we continued with 800 linear feet of fence mesh that tied seamlessly with the mural. The fence mesh was not only a practical solution but also an artistic one.

The mesh provided blockout and advertising space around the rest of the construction site. Here, we could share the story of The Intelock in a comprehensive manner. Architectural renderings and branding elements adorned the mesh, creating a cohesive visual experience. This dynamic combination of the mural and the mesh allowed the construction site to transcend its physical boundaries and become a reflection of the project’s ambitions.

A Dual Purpose: Showcasing and Advertising

The Intelock construction fence graphics served a dual purpose. First, they showcased the building’s architectural significance. Passersby, whether they were pedestrians or motorists, could not help but be captivated by the grandeur of the 40-foot mural. The mural acted as a teaser, offering a glimpse of the future and sparking curiosity.

Second, the graphics were a powerful advertising tool. The mesh that enveloped the construction site provided ample space for advertising and branding. Prospective tenants and interested parties were not just greeted with the promise of a stunning building; they were also provided with essential information and contact details. This created a tangible connection between the project and its future occupants.

Fence Mesh Graphics

The Impact and Benefits of Construction Fence Graphics

The Intelock construction fence graphics demonstrated a host of impacts and benefits:

  1. Visibility: The graphics transformed the construction site into a visual landmark. It caught the attention of the community, passersby, and anyone with an interest in the project.
  2. Branding: The graphics reinforced The Intelock’s branding identity. It conveyed a sense of purpose, excellence, and vision that went beyond the physical structure.
  3. Advertising: The mesh advertising provided a unique opportunity to attract potential tenants. It effectively communicated the value proposition of the project, making it a valuable tool for marketing.
  4. Cohesiveness: The combination of the mural and mesh created a cohesive and harmonious look for the construction site. It presented the project as a whole rather than a disjointed series of parts.
  5. Community Engagement: By engaging the community with an eye-catching visual display, the construction fence graphics created a buzz around the project. It sparked conversations and piqued curiosity.
Window Graphics

Conclusion: Transforming Construction Site Boundaries

In the case of The Intelock, construction fence graphics proved to be a transformative tool. They elevated the construction site from a mere location to a visual and strategic extension of the project. The 40-foot mural, printed on ACM panels, acted as a centerpiece, while the mesh surrounding the site provided a canvas for advertising, branding, and communication.

This case study of The Intelock’s construction fence graphics demonstrates that even the boundaries of a construction site can be leveraged to create a lasting impression, engage the community, and attract prospective tenants. In a world where perception is key, these graphics not only showcased the vision but also brought it to life. The Intelock serves as a prime example of how construction fence graphics can be a cornerstone in the success of any construction project.

Installed Construction graphics Cwi External Window Graphics Cwi External Window Graphics Cwi Outdoor The Interlock 1

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