Transforming Corporate Spaces: The Coty Facility Renovation

In the realm of architecture and construction, the transformative power of graphics in corporate space renovation often goes underestimated. At Coty, a renowned manufacturer of perfumes and cosmetics, a remarkable transformation took place in their Sanford, North Carolina manufacturing facility. This case study delves into how strategic graphics breathed new life into their executive offices, training rooms, and warehouse areas, making them vibrant and unforgettable.

Coty: A Vision of Excellence

Coty, a global giant in the world of beauty and cosmetics, boasts a rich history dating back to 1904. With a legacy of creating iconic fragrances and cosmetic products, they decided to elevate their manufacturing facility in Sanford, NC. The objective was clear: create an environment that not only reflected their brand’s essence but also inspired creativity and innovation among their teams.

To achieve this vision, they turned to graphics and renovation, a dynamic combination that has the potential to transform even the most dated of spaces.

Cody Corporate Graphics

The Executive Office Area: A Vibrant Transformation

The executive office area is the heart of any corporate facility, and Coty’s Sanford location was no exception. This space, housed in a building from the 1950s, had its share of white walls that were in need of rejuvenation.

To bring vibrancy and character to this area, we embarked on a renovation journey that included three key elements: wall murals, dimensional lettering, and DiNoc applications on the desk.

Wall Murals: Large, captivating wall murals were strategically installed to break the monotony of white walls. These murals not only added color and texture but also depicted Coty’s heritage, products, and brand story. The murals infused the space with life, creating a visually dynamic environment that resonated with the brand’s essence.


Dimensional Lettering: The addition of dimensional lettering reinforced Coty’s presence in the executive office area. These letters, carefully chosen in a style that matched the brand’s identity, not only displayed Coty’s name but also conveyed professionalism, prestige, and brand integrity.

Acrylic lettering

DiNoc on the Desk: To further enhance the space, we applied DiNoc, a high-quality architectural finish, on the desks. This material not only provided a stylish and contemporary appearance but also ensured the durability and longevity of the furniture. The DiNoc finish on the desk complemented the other graphic elements in the space, tying the room’s aesthetic together.

The executive office area was no longer just a workspace; it had transformed into a vibrant and dynamic reflection of the brand’s heritage and values. It became a space that resonated with employees, clients, and visitors alike.

Cody Wall Mural

The Training Room: Inspiring Creativity

In a corporate setting, training rooms play a vital role in nurturing creativity and learning. At Coty’s facility, the training room was transformed to serve this very purpose, with a touch of aesthetic excellence.

Acrylic Prints on Standoffs: The training room received a burst of creativity with the addition of acrylic prints mounted on standoffs. These prints were not mere decorations; they were pieces of art, displaying elements of Coty’s product lines and brand essence. This unique visual installation inspired creativity and set the tone for productive training sessions.

Acrylic Signage

Coty Logo on the Rear Wall: The brand’s logo, prominently displayed on the rear wall of the training room, left a lasting impression on attendees. It reinforced Coty’s presence and commitment to excellence in the world of beauty and cosmetics.

The training room now served as a hub of inspiration and learning, fostering a dynamic environment that encouraged creativity, innovation, and professional growth among Coty’s employees.

Dimesional Logo

The Warehouse Area: A Visual Feast

In the manufacturing facility’s warehouse area, where product lines came to life, we sought to infuse creativity and visual impact into the utilitarian space.

Floral Murals: Floral murals were strategically added to the warehouse walls, introducing an element of beauty and aesthetics into the industrial environment. These murals not only transformed the warehouse’s appearance but also reflected the essence of Coty’s products – fragrances and cosmetics.

Institutional Dimensional Letters: To complement the floral murals, institutional dimensional letters displaying Coty’s values and mission statements were installed. These letters served as a visual reminder of the company’s commitment to excellence and quality.

Acrylic Prints: Acrylic prints showcasing Coty’s product lines provided a stunning visual display of the end products. It allowed everyone in the warehouse to witness the beauty and quality of Coty’s creations.

The warehouse was no longer just a production space; it had become a visual feast for employees, a testament to Coty’s commitment to quality, and an immersive brand experience for anyone who walked through its doors.

20191202 125439

Conclusion: The Power of Graphics in Corporate Space Renovation

The Coty Manufacturing Facility Renovation is a compelling case study that highlights the transformative power of graphics in corporate space renovation. By strategically incorporating wall murals, dimensional lettering, DiNoc finishes, acrylic prints, and more, the once-dated spaces within the facility were brought to life with vibrancy, aesthetics, and functionality.

Coty’s commitment to excellence in the beauty and cosmetics industry was not limited to its products; it extended to the very spaces in which its teams worked, learned, and produced. The result was a corporate environment that not only reflected Coty’s brand essence but also inspired its employees and visitors alike.

This case study serves as a testament to the potential of graphics and renovation in redefining corporate spaces, fostering creativity, and leaving a lasting impression. It showcases how a vision can be brought to life by transforming the physical surroundings, creating vibrant, standout, and unforgettable spaces that align with a brand’s identity and values. Coty’s journey from a dated facility to a dynamic and inspiring workspace is a testament to the incredible impact that graphics can have in corporate space renovation.

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