Transforming History into Art: NCCU School of Law’s Basement Renovation

In the world of education and academia, the spaces we occupy hold the stories of our past, the potential of our present, and the promise of our future. At North Carolina Central University School of Law (NCCU Law School), these spaces serve as the backdrop for a profound commitment to diversity, quality education, and the empowerment of underrepresented students. As part of their ongoing journey, they embarked on a remarkable project to revamp the basement area of their School of Law buildings, turning it into a tribute to their rich history and legacy.

A Legacy of Empowerment

Founded in 1939, NCCU Law School has a legacy that speaks to a mission of inclusivity and empowerment. Established to provide opportunities for African American students to pursue legal careers, it has consistently embraced the heritage of diversity, echoing the core values of North Carolina Central University as a whole.

NCCU Law School’s mission is to offer a quality, personalized, practice-oriented, and affordable legal education to historically underrepresented students from diverse backgrounds. This mission is driven by the desire to increase diversity in the legal profession and empower graduates to become highly competent and socially responsible lawyers. These lawyers, in turn, are committed to public service and meeting the needs of underserved communities.

Architectural Graphics - Wall Mural

Phase 1: Unveiling History

When the opportunity arose to renovate the basement area of the School of Law buildings, NCCU Law School seized the chance to celebrate its history and legacy in a visually stunning manner.

A History Timeline Mural: Working closely with the school’s administration, the team at NCCU Law School embarked on the creation of a captivating history timeline mural. This mural, spanning an impressive 2,000 square feet, was carefully designed to adorn the entire basement area, encompassing the breakroom, library, and student lockers. It would serve as a visual journey through the school’s past, highlighting moments, individuals, and milestones of great significance.

Dimensional Elements for Impact: To ensure the most critical moments and figures stood out, dimensional elements were introduced. Utilizing acrylic prints mounted on standoffs, the team created a dynamic visual effect that drew attention to specific aspects of the mural. This technique gave depth and prominence to key photographs, images, and text, making them an integral part of the narrative.

PVC Printed Graphics: The use of PVC printed graphics added another layer of depth to the mural. This technique not only provided visual texture but also allowed for the incorporation of additional elements that enriched the storytelling. The graphics were strategically placed to complement the mural’s overall design and enhance the viewer’s experience.

Dimensional Letters and Seal: To complete the visual package, dimensional letters and the school’s seal were introduced. These elements brought cohesion to the design and reinforced the commitment to NCCU Law School’s legacy. The seal, in particular, stood as a symbol of tradition and excellence.

Architectural Graphics - Wall Mural

A Tribute to Heritage and History

The renovation of the basement area in NCCU Law School’s buildings wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was about preserving and showcasing a rich heritage. The timeline mural became a tribute to the individuals who had walked its halls, the milestones that had marked its journey, and the legacy that continues to inspire new generations of legal professionals.

This renovation project is a reflection of NCCU Law School’s commitment to their mission and values. It serves as a daily reminder of the importance of diversity, inclusivity, and excellence in education. The visual narrative created in the basement now tells the story of an institution that has empowered and continues to empower individuals to make a significant impact in the legal field and within underserved communities.

Architectural Graphics - Wall Mural

Conclusion: Transforming Space, Honoring Legacy

NCCU Law School’s basement renovation, particularly in its Phase 1, is a testament to the power of design, graphics, and storytelling in transforming spaces and honoring a rich legacy. It is a celebration of a mission that has transcended time, a commitment to diversity that has become a hallmark, and a vision of empowering students to become leaders in the legal profession.

The history timeline mural in the basement doesn’t just adorn the walls; it breathes life into the school’s history, making it an integral part of the daily experience for students, faculty, and visitors. It serves as a reminder that the past is not just history; it’s a living narrative that shapes the present and future.

This project represents a journey that has only just begun, as subsequent phases will continue to transform spaces and tell the story of NCCU Law School’s rich history. It stands as a symbol of the institution’s commitment to excellence, diversity, and the empowerment of its students.

Architectural Graphics - Wall Mural
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