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Capital Wraps is the premier fleet wrapping company in Maryland and servers all customers in and around Baltimore, MD. Fleet wraps are the best way to generate visibility for your company and product or service offering. Our design team as assist you in crafting eye-catching graphic package for your fleets to wrap your cars, trucks, hummers, or smart cars with your brand and logo. Having graphics on your fleet is the best way to promote your business and ensures that whenever you drive, people will watch. Increase your exposure with a corporate fleet wrap in Baltimore, MD and the surrounding counties.Dynamic fleet graphics transform your corporate fleet into mobile billboards. This will increase your visibility and company exposure as your employees drive everyday. Potential clients around Maryland will see your fleet and know your company, so when they need your services they will recall and call you. Capital Wraps custom designs are a quick and affordable way to improve your exposure in Baltimore, MD. Call us today!

Capital Wraps proudly offer custom fleet graphics for multiple vehicles. We can wrap your entire fleet in your business’ graphics and logo. Whether your vehicles are in one location or distributed around your service area, we can coordinate installation on your fleet to minimize downtime and provide professional fleet graphics and wraps nationally.

Capital Wraps serves all of Baltimore, MD and surrounding areas. Call Capital Wraps today at 202-573-WRAP or email us at and we’ll give you a free quote for fleet wrap or fleet wrap project in Baltimore, MD. To obtain more information about our fleet wraps and graphics in Baltimore, MD, please click here.

We offer a complete service for single vehicle and fleet clients; this includes initial consultation, designing, printing & production and installation. All of our vehicle graphics are printed using warranted print materials and installed by our own professional and experienced installation team.

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