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24 08, 2016

Orange Theory Fitness Wrap

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Wraping it up in Orange- Corporate Branding: Almost every evening at home while watching a favorite TV show at least one commercial will startle me and blare out a message so loud I can hardly understand what they are trying to say.   The best commercials I’ve found are the ones which are either quiet [...]

12 08, 2016

Wraps, Wraps, and more Wraps!

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So much More than Vehicle Wraps: For a long time wrapping cars, trucks, and fleet vehicles has been the bread and butter for the wrap industry. However, businesses and event planners are learning there is so much more to be done with large format graphics. We can wrap windows, floors, walls, bathroom stalls, elevators, [...]

13 08, 2015

The BIG look of a Building Wrap

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You Simply Can't miss it! Buildings become landmarks.  Landmarks are places which rarely change with time.  Few things are more remarkable than riding past a building you pass every day only to see the entire face of the building has been changed or updated with a building wrap. The Fire Rescue Expo 2015 http://www.southatlanticfirerescueexpo.com/ is happening [...]

16 05, 2013

Local Rock Band + Banners = Professional Image

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Double Shot is a local band with tremendous talent.  The four men who comprise the band are now locals to NC, but come from as far as Georgia and Denmark, and have over 30 years of musical experience between them. They are a Classic Rock cover band, have active followers, and are starting to make [...]

16 08, 2012

Olympic sized “Graphic Wraps” at Closing Ceremony

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Did you watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics?  How about the Closing Ceremonies?  Did you see the platform and the ramps running towards the center stage?  All the newspaper looking text adhered to the floor were “sticky graphics”.  It was amazing! Any retail environment has a chance to make a similar statement, and [...]

7 11, 2011

The Wonder of Wall Wraps and Floor Murals

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Everyday companies are looking for ways to capture their consumer’s attention AND motivate them to open their wallets- or at the very least, make a memorable impression prior to a purchase.   Finding innovative ways to make a lasting impression is difficult in this era of information overload.   Regular signage in regular places isn’t always [...]

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